From specifications to design and everything in between


CleanCode delivers software solutions to a diverse customer base that includes financial services, healthcare, counter-terrorism and hospitality. Depending on a customer’s needs, expertise and bench strength, we either join a company as its in-house tech team, augment an existing team or execute a one-off project.

Application architecture & team review

A review of a product or suite of products covering scalability, performance, security, maintainability, the team and the development process. This service helps you understand how well the company is set up to support its customer base currently, and how well it will be able to follow its roadmap.

Custom application development

Complete end-to-end support for application development, starting from end-user requirements capture through application design and architecture to application and process implementation, devOps design, deployment and testing. Of course we will support a subset of the full process as well.

Startup support

Because we’ve been heavily involved with and created our own startups, we know how the startup world works. We will help with growing your own team, temporarily augmenting your team or we can kick start your ideas while a team is grown.


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